Wayne Wendel

I began my love affair with photography in 1967 as a young airman stationed at Bitburg Air Base, W.Germany. I bought my first Nikon camera and learned to develop B&W film and print on an enlarger. I graduated into slides and loved shooting Fuji Velvia for landscapes. I reluctantly jumped into the digital age in 2004 and I've never looked back. After retiring in 2005 I had the time to devote to photography. My wife and travel the world and I try and document as much of it as possible.

What inspires me? It is getting out in the natural world and seeing how everything is so interdependent. Nature reveals a loving and gracious God. My photography is to reveal Him to those that look at my photographs.

I still shoot Nikon, now a D750 & D500. I enjoy landscapes, birds, wildlife and astro-photography.

The C-17 Globemaster is the workhorse of the USAF hauling freight and people all over the world.