Wayne Wendel

Photography has been a part of my life since 1967 when a fellow airman asked me if I would like to help him develope some film. I learned to develope and print in a darkroom and then learned to load and shoot film in a Nikon camera. I graduated into slides. As digital photography began to take over film I resisted the change.I reluctantly jumped into the digital age in 2004 and I've never looked back. After retiring in 2005 I had the time to devote to photography. I've also developed a love for travel photography.
What inspires me? It is getting out in the natural world and seeing how everything is so interdependent. Nature reveals a loving and gracious God. My photography is to reveal Him to those that look at my photographs.
I still shoot Nikon, now a D750, D810 & D500. I enjoy landscapes, birds, macro, wildlife, astro-photography, and travel photography. I often drive to small towns in Texas to capture life in these communities.
The cover photo is the skyline of Houston, Texas, where I served as a police officer for five years and detective-sergeant for twenty eight years in the Homicide Division.