Wayne Wendel

Photography has been a part of my life since 1967 when a fellow airman asked me if I would like to help him develope some film. I learned to develope and print in a darkroom and then I learned to load and shoot film in a Nikon camera. I would eventually buy and Ashai Pentax with a 50mm lens. I soon graduated into slides. I would eventually choose a Nikon system to take 35mm film.

As digital photography began to take over film I resisted the change.I reluctantly jumped into the digital age in 2004 and I've never looked back. After retiring in 2005 I had the time to devote to photography. I've also developed a love for travel photography.

What inspires me? It is getting out in the natural world and seeing how everything is so interdependent. Nature reveals a loving and gracious God. My photography is to reveal Him to those that look at my photographs.

I still shoot Nikon, now a D750, D810 & D500. I enjoy landscapes, birds, macro, wildlife, astro-photography, and travel photography. I often drive to small towns in Texas to capture life in these communities.

The cover photo was taken by Loyd Dalton while we were photographing the sunrise at Miramar Beach in Sshoreacres, TX.

I served as a police officer in Houston, Texas for five years and detective-sergeant for twenty eight years in the Homicide Division.

All things aside, nature reveals a Creator, an Almighty God. I also believe in his Son, Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection are the foundation of my faith. I hope He is yours also.