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Lisbon's Commerce Square

The large square is often the starting point for many tours of Lisbon. Our Princess tours was no different. Our group was about 25 and like all tourists they were not really paying attention to their surroundings. I was. I spotted them right away, 3 thieves looking like three vultures on a limb looking at prey. I motioned my wife to look at them and to be careful. The tour guide heard me, looked at the three Portuguese men and pointed them out saying, "Be careful here, those men are pickpockets." Everyone looked at them. I took a photo of them and then walked over to a policeman. I introduced myself as a retired cop and we connected right away. I pointed out the three suspects and he said he would watch them. This was too much for the thieves and they walked off after giving me the one finger salute. We laughed about it later but taking their photo was probably not the wisest thing to do. It's one reason my wife and I are always on the look out for pickpockets and other thieves when we travel. We refuse to be victims.

PS: They're not in this photo.