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Hanging Out to Dry

On a Viking day tour we visited the village of Favaious, where Portuguese muscatel wine is produced. Many of you are aware that Portuguese port wine is fortified, however, there is another fortified wine that comes from the Douro River region and that is muscatel wine. The type grown in and around this village of Favaious is Moscatel Galego Branco. The muscatel wine industry in this region is over 100 years old. The skins of Muscat grapes are rich in flavor, so they are left in during fermentation, and grape brandy is added when the wine has fermented down to the required degree of sweetness. The wine is then left on the skins for a further three months or more, to absorb more flavor before being aged for a minimum 18 months in large wooden vats. ‘Marmalade’, ‘flowers’ and ‘grapes’ are typical tasting notes for young Moscatel de Setúbal.

Thank you for your comments, suggestions , etc. We'll leave Portugal and head over to England for a week.