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Mont Saint Michel in Normnandy

Le Mont Saint Michel is an island about a kilometer off the northwestern coast of Normandy region of France. It sits at the mouth of the Couesnon River near the town of Avranches. The abbey was built in the 8th century after the bishop Aubert claimed he was visited by the Archangel Michael who pressed him to build a church atop the island in the bay. The subsequent French kings bought the story and they supported a major Benedictine abbey on Mont Saint Michel. After it was built, Mont San Michel became renowned as a center of learning attracting some of the great minds and manuscript writers in Europe. It became a significant Christian pilgrimage in spite of all the wars being fought at the time.
The island and abbey were only accessible at low tide. A vehicle causeway was built allowing easy access. They drop you off at the gate (far left corner). From there it's all uphill. It's quite a hike and challenging to anyone not accustomed to walking up stairs.
This week's theme is Normandy and I'll post some other photos of our visit to this most famous part of France.
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