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Iceland & Lenticular Clouds

Port of Call: Akureyri, Iceland
My wife and elected to find a local guide at Akureyri, Iceland instead of the typical 50 - 60 ship's tour. We found ourselves with another couple and two guys. Our guide was a local with a huge Toyota Land Cruiser. We all seemed very compatible and got along well for the day even if it was tight quarters. The weather was cool and cloudy. As we drove out of the port, across the inlet and up and and over and into the valley. The landscape was a paradox. In my mind's eye, I was expecting to see ice and snow. This was not what Iceland was supposed to look like. The land was green and lush instead of icy and cold. It was September so the vegetation was turning from green to yellow and brown with the season. It was and is a beautiful place.
The second thing I noticed was the lenticular clouds above the ridge line. These clouds form when stable, moist air flows over a mountain creating a series of oscillating waves. They often form lens or saucer shaped clouds. These clouds are often what people conclude are flying saucers or UFOs.

More of Iceland to come.