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The Happy Fisherman

After Viking told us that we were stuck in Pinhau for the remainder of the cruise, I decided to make the most of it by going shooting on our first morning. The weather was beautiful, no wind, temp in the the high 70's and the light was to die for.

Leaving the wife on the boat I walked off to explore Pinhau, I immediately noticed some fishermen with lines in the water. One of them caught a fish and he was having trouble landing it. He had his pole in one hand and a long handled net in the other. The fish was not cooperating. I offered to help him so he handed me the net. I scooped up the fish and laid it on the bank. I was disappointed it was a carp and I thought he would throw it back. No way. He grabbed the fish and showed his friends the fish. There were a lot of compliments thrown his way. In my broken Portuguese I asked him if I could take his photo. This is Roberto, the happy fisherman of Pinhau. To be continued...