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Rabelo Boat Ferreira

Before the railroad, before the road system was built, transporting port wine, the main crop of the Pinhao valley, was the job of the rabelo boat. The Douro River had no locks which controlled the currents on the river. I've seen photos of these boat in white water rapids loaded with barrels of port wine. It looked like a harrowing trip.
Today, the Douro River is a calm ribbon of water stretching from Spain to Porto, Portugal. The rabelo boats carry tourists instead of wine barrels. Sailing out of Pinhao, the Ferreira is headed east toward the next lock. It, like our Viking River boat, is stuck between the locks because of high water. The scenery along the Douro is absolutely magnificent. I found myself photographing everything.

(Something I did not know: There were very few roads in Portugal prior to 1968. After Portugal entered the EU they began to build a road system. Today there is a highway between the Pinhao area and Porto and most of the wine is transported by truck to Porto.

This photo was constructively cropped for the best composition.

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