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May She Stand Forever

The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States from the people of France to commemorate 100 years of Franco-American friendship as well as the centennial of America's independence.
The statue is formally known as "Liberty Enlightening the World."
It was sculpted by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. The framework was designed by French engineer Gustave Eiffel.
There are 354 steps to the crown.
There are 25 windows in the crown.
The seven rays of the statue's crown represent the seven seas and continents of the world.
The tablet held in the left hand of the statue reads in Roman numerals "July 4th, 1776." (JULY IV MDCCLXXVI)
The total weight of copper in the statue is 62,000 pounds (31 tons) and the total weight of steel in the statue is 250,000 pounds (125 tons). Total weight of the statue's concrete foundation is 54 million pounds (27,000 tons).
Height from ground to tip of torch -- 305 feet, one inch (92.99m)
Approximately 3.5 million people visit the Statue of Liberty every year.
Visitors undergo airport style security screenings prior to boarding the ferry and a secondary screening is required for visitors entering the monument.
The waters around Liberty and Ellis Island are a restricted water zone.
US Park Police provides security for visitor ferries and areas around Liberty Island.

The Statue of Liberty should remind politicians that it is liberty and freedom that makes this country the envy of the world and it's why people want to come here to live. It's not government, not diversity, not a political party, it's FREEDOM, and freedom is what makes the USA great.

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