2018: An Image a Day - birdshooter

Music of the Ground

"Flowers are the music of the ground from earth's lips spoken without a sound." Edwin Curran
"Flowers are the like friends; They bring color to your world." Unknown

Independence, Texas

This photo is some of the headstones at Old Independence Cemetery in Independence, Texas taken in April 2016. This beautiful old historical cemetery was started in 1823 on land donated by Judge J. P. Cole, one of the "Old 300" in Austin Colony.(Original Anglo settlers) It was an early community graveyard used by Anglo-American pioneers of Texas. Numerous prominent Texians are buried here; Moses Austin Bryan, who served as secretary for his uncle, Stephen F. Austin. Moses fought at the Battle of San Jacinto and he was the translator between Sam Houston and Santa Ana. Other prominent burials include; Tacitus Thomas Clay, Judge J. P. Coles, Sam Houston Jr, Ira Randolph Lewis and others.

Independence, Texas was thriving incorporated community in early Texas and the birthplace of Baylor University. It was a wealthy community of early Texas. Leaders sealed its fate when they refused to give right of way to the Santa Fe railroad, which would have provided access and transportation. Students needed a way to get to the college. College officials decided to move both women's and men's colleges elsewhere. Officials moved Baylor Female College to Belton, TX which became Mary Hardin Baylor University and Baylor (men's) to Waco which became Baylor University. Brenham was chosen as the county seat narrowly defeating Independence. Today, Independence is a small rural community of about 200 residents.

Independence's most prominent citizen was Sam Houston, who moved his family there in 1853. He was a Senator at the time and represented Texas in Washington. Houston rented a house not far from the Old Baylor Ruins and left his mark in the local church where a pew was whittled during sermons (once popular past time that is frowned upon today).

The cemetery is well maintained and a garden of Texas wildflowers during the month of April in Texas. The graves lie under a canopy of large cedar trees and large oakmott. It is one of my regular places I visit for wildflowers every spring.